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Gamification – business solutions

Turnkey gamification services: concept creation, development for any platform, ergonomic admin panel, gentle integration into your business processes.

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We also offer development of turnkey graphic apps (games, VR, AR and etc):

What is “gamification”

The process of applying game mechanisms to non-game spheres: business, production, trade, education. Based on artificial motivation, encouragement, obsessive drive for completeness and progress, these methods allow you to get a tangible rise in the efficiency of any process at minimum cost. *

from $5,000

(depends on complexity and platforms)

Gamification is as important for a corporate sphere as social media and analytical system integration.

  • Growing sales

    Business efficiency growth due to the introduction of artificial motivation for your customers and/or your employees, “I’ll buy more to obtain a new honorary title!”, “I’ll sell more to gain bonus coins and get a gift from the company!”

  • Increasing loyalty

    Processes gamification lets you get a positive response from customers and/or employees and raise the level of involvement, “There, after taking a taxi ride, you can obtain titles, get bonus rides, and take part in prize draws”, “I’m not just a sales representative, I’m also an 80 level defender of clean window kingdom!”

  • Additional leverage

    You can control the customers’ and/or employees’ behavior with the help of gamification: “I’ve got two awards out of 3 for taxi rides, if I take one more ride, I will get all of them!”, “Hmm… I don’t have soda sales, I’m OK with selling bars… But more stars are given for selling soda… And I want to get enough for a bonus trip to Bali and elite avatar in the system…”

  • Awareness and analytics

    The behavior of gamification program participants’ can be monitored at the level of their interests, profile information can be expanded and viral mechanisms can be launched: “Oh! I will get 10 coins and 30 points of experience if I add a cell phone number, 50 – if I repost it to social media and 100 – if I bring a friend!!!”

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We are game developers

We have great work experience in such spheres as pleasure, involvement, encouragement, game rythm

IT examination

Experienced IT engineers, programmers and designers are able to solve any front-end and back-end task

We know how to work

We design, develop and deliver projects of any scale and difficulty for clients of any level

Now gamification is an advantage, soon it will become a standard

Employees work better

Customers buy more

Apprentices learn faster

GD Forge is a team of professionals


  • Cross-platform development

    Apps will work on all necessary platforms

  • Ergonomic management

    A convenient role admin panel for management


The projects for finch-vr.com were displayed at the 2017 CES
Innopolis High-Tech City’s resident status
Own indie game development subdivision: fairgames.studio


Customers and partners

Havas Media
Paramount Comedy
Arena Media
Business Fabrika
RosAtom Academy
Finch VR
Grape – digital-agency
Blam! Games
Elefun Games
Mini IT

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