Разработка игр и приложений, а также VR и AR проектов на заказ под ключ

Game and app development services

Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone,
Windows 10, XNA (Xbox 360 и Windows Phone 7), Flash, HTML5, PSM, OUYA

We will evaluate your project for free within 24 hours

We work in the most innovative areas of game industry

Game and app development

From $2,500/month

only + 25% for the additional platform

We provide full-development cycle: from creating a concept to release on trading platforms

A team of fully-committed professionals with many years of experience in making successful world-class games will work on your project.

  • Game design

    Concept development: mechanics, story, setting, documentation

  • Programming

    Cross-platform game development: front and back ends

  • Game art

    Any graphic style, design, content, interface, animations

  • Sound engineering

    Sound scheme development, music, and voice acting

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casual games

Free 2 Play

in-app purchases


blockchain NFT games


mobile games


hardcore and midcore games


board games

Multiplayer game development (online multiplayer), blockchain NFT, browser games (HTML5), facebook games and apps, Steam SDK. We provide complex services including 2D and 3D turn-key games on tablets, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Desktop and Web. Also: gamification, advertisment and marketing games, game development consulting and solutions.

GD Forge is a team of professionals


  • Online and multiplayer

    Tested server solutions: real-time, query-answer, infrastructure

  • 2D, 3D, animations

    Art departments developing 2D and 3D content (+ motion capture)


The projects for finch-vr.com were displayed at the 2017 CES
Innopolis High-Tech City’s resident status
Own indie game development subdivision: fairgames.studio


3D and 2D game development


3D / 2D / Marketing, business, education

Customers and partners

Havas Media
Paramount Comedy
Arena Media
Business Fabrika
RosAtom Academy
Finch VR
Grape – digital-agency
Blam! Games
Elefun Games
Mini IT

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Services and Pricing

Game development

Turnkey games
from $2,500 any deadlines
  • Any genre and platform
  • 2D and 3D (+VR and AR)
  • Warranty


3D, 2D, sound, music
from $15/hour any amounts of work
  • 3D modelling
  • Digital art, CG
  • Design and video


Native and cross-platform
from $2,500 any deadlines
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Web

Web development

CMS driven, turnkey
from $1,000 rapid development
  • Landing pages
  • Communities/Forums
  • Portals

Additional services

  • Porting your game to any platform

    Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, Windows 10, XNA (Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7), Flash, HTML5, PSM, OUYA

  • Game localization: texts, voices, graphics

    It is done by the translator with extensive work experience in game industry

  • Marketing tools

    Logo, marketing kit, website, presentation, emblems, graphic art

  • Game video prototype development

    Demo video of game mechanics and major game features

Our contacts

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